Todd Jackson is a photographer that can usually be found in Vero Beach, Florida. He has always had an interest in photography and as a kid loved his Kodak Pocket Instamatic 10 and other assorted plastic film cameras. At some point he got older and eventually got stuck working for the telephone company in Denver, Colorado for an ungodly amount of years as a systems analyst. But during this time he got some good cameras and took some photography and darkroom classes. He then learned a lot more about the hobby which he enjoyed. At some point, digital cameras became the thing to use and the astronomical costs of these new cameras and real life type of things kept him from pursuing his hobby as much as he would have liked, but he still was taking photos when he could. But as luck would have it he was given an early parole from the phone company and was able to move to the beach. Since then he has picked up some new cameras and lenses to try his luck as a photographer in Florida, with a focus on landscape, travel and fine art photography.  

But enough about him, what’s your story?


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